Sofi is 10-½, in 6th grade at Palm Crest Elementary. She loves everything “Potter”, fairies, vampires and all animals, but specially dogs and rodents.

Danno is 9, in 4th grade. He is happy and loud. He likes swimming, smashing things, and his friend Chase. Mitzy is our little Shih-Tzu. She loves napping and water.

Bella is 9, in 4th grade at Palm Crest Elementary. She loves unicorns, baking, gymnastics, and her friend Chance. Mitzy, our Shih-Tzu, follows her everywhere.

Becky is the Technologist of the “Instruments and Science Data Systems Division” at NASA/JPL. She has a Ph.D. in EE, and has won the NASA’s “Software of the Year” award twice. Loves swimming.

On the left, the amazing noodle-tower of the Bella-Daddy team.