Family 2013

Sofi is 5, going to kindergarten at Palm Crest Elementary. Her favorite character is Tinkerbell. Loves the water and doing the monkey bars.



Danno is 4, going to preschool. He is happy and loud. His favorite character are Spider man and Thomas, the train. Loves to smash things.



Bella is 4, going to preschool. She thinks she is royalty, her favorite color is pink and wants to be a ballerina. Loves to eat.


Becky works at NASA/JPL as an assistant section manager and on the OCO project. She has a Ph.D. in EE. She has won NASA’s “Software of the Year” award twice. Loves swimming.

Cosita is our little Shih-Tzu. She loves car rides, napping and eating. Dislikes water.