These are posts about computer-related material.

  • Courses I’ve written: This is a link to my STEM site, where I keep the material that I wrote and taught as an after-school volunteer parent at the elementary school that my kids attend. The courses are a mix of programming, electronics, and math.
  • Darpa Shredder Challange: This is a summary of my experience competing in this 2011 DARPA challenge, in which I placed 10th competing by myself (Woo-hoo!).
  • Python – indices and slices: This article is from 2012, when Python was just getting traction. At the time, indices were a source of confusion to people that were migrating from C and similar languages.
  • 3-sum NZP algorithm: This is a quadratic 3-sum algorithm that I came up with soon after taking one of the first iterations of the Robert Sedgewick’s course in Algorithms in Coursera [Algorithms]; it is faster and not much more complex than the popular ones.
  • Latex Symbols: In spite of the increasing popularity of WYSIWYG editors, Latex remains a solid choice for writing math in websites and research papers. This post is a reference of the most common Latex tags, with examples.
  • Graph SLAM: Graph SLAM uses a linear system to describe robot constraints given by positions and landmarks; this post describes how we can map these constraints from a graph to the matrices of the system.