Flying Witch

‘Flying Witch’ is a slice-of-life/fantasy healing anime about a teen witch-apprentice that travels to Aomori, to live with her relatives and finish her training. The anime is in the venue of Harry Potter and Miyazaki Sensei’s ‘Kiki’s delivery service’. The series is mellow, with no conflicts or action scenes; just life passing by; every character is likeable. It has a rating of 7.2 at IMBD.

This anime has no violence, strong language, sexual content or innuendo, tobacco or drugs, but it has alcohol (Akane, the protagonist’s older sister, loves beer), which is what probably got it it’s PG-13 rating in the US. It is a favorite for beginners that are using animes for Japanese learning and immersion.

The manga is a series of mostly-independent stories following the common thread of the young witch’s daily life. Each episode of the anime contains two manga stories. The first episode consists of the first two manga stories; the first story (1.a) introduces most of the main characters, i.e., Makoto, Kei, Chinatsu, Nao and Shito.

Episode/manga story